Earthwing Hoopty 34 Fiber Weave Longboard Skateboard Deck

$ 85.00

This deck provides a comfortable 9.75" wide platform designed to accommodate those who ride with a narrow racing stance while raging down steep mountain roads.

The Fiber Weave Hoopty 34 has an adjustable wheelbase from 25" to 27.5.". The rear rails feature bevelled gas pedals which create a larger contact point for pushing out predrifts, giving unparalleled control to the rider.

Just as important is what they left out; no kick-tails or extra weight hold this board back from being the most controllable race deck out there. The Hoopty is constructed with 7 plies of maple sandwiched between two layers of ultra-stiff composite weave.

If you're looking for a sick, light-weight race deck with an equally light burden on your wallet, the Hoopty is everything you're looking for!

The Fiber Weave adds extra strength to the Hoopty 34

Short wheelbase topmount with everything you need, and nothing you don't.

34" x 9.75"

- 25" to 27.5" wheelbase
- Deep .625" elyptical concave with gas pedals in back
- Rigid 7ply maple core
- Pre-cured composite weave base layer for strength, and dampening